When I was young there was this huge political debate going on about what pornography is and what art is and how the first amendment to the constitution affected both differently. I always remember those debates because it was just naturally assumed that pornography is bad and, even though it was impossible to set up rules and regulations determining what is porn and what is art, you could “just tell”.

Personally I think pornography is anything that makes you feel horny. Since art is, or has been defined as, something that makes the audience feel something, doesn’t that make all pornography art? Maybe that’s just me. Here’s an interesting factoid: Victorian era England, a very sexually repressed society, produced ridiculous amounts of pornography. We’re talking seriously depraved stuff here too, not just photos of women’s ankles (gig… giggity?) but scat, golden showers, etc. Weird stuff, stuff that would probably not make your standard person horny.

It’s almost as though, by making all sex “dirty” they made people want weirder sex even, dare I say it, “dirty” sex. Oh well, just a thought.

Here are two websites where you can locate free porn on the internet: xhamster.com and al4a.com. There are ads, of course, but mostly it’s stuff that people just like sharing with each other. A lot of it is free content that porn producers put out to attract customers to their websites. Enjoy and remember; carpal tunnel syndrome doesn’t just happen when you type.

Professional pornography tends to follow a certain pattern, which I’ll get to in a moment. Sex tapes, as in your neighbor’s sex tapes, don’t really follow any pattern but they’re inevitably poorly shot from a static angle with bad lighting. It may sound strange but I actually prefer amateur sex tapes because you can see that the people in them are enjoying themselves. At least there are more real orgasms. The professional stuff is not quite the same.

Professional porn, the stuff coming out of Southern California, doesn’t have that “orgasm-y” feel because, let’s face it, it’s just not that sexually exciting being surrounded by Krieg lamps, camera people and directors telling you how to fuck. In fact I have to give kudos to male porn actors for being able to keep an erection under those circumstances even with Viagra available, it’s not easy. The actors are forcing their bodies into very unnatural positions, in order to show the audience that they are, in fact, having sex and they’re performing sex acts that they may or may not actually enjoy.

Here’s the pattern I mentioned earlier: a badly acted set-up occurs to give two or more people an “excuse” to have sex (does anyone really need an excuse?). Those people strip and, behold, they are ridiculously over-endowed, there’s always some kind of oral sex, often involving deep throating or “skull fucking” which looks a lot like a woman being gagged on an oversized penis. Then they get into a variety of uncomfortable positions that actually show penetration, these days it’s usually anal penetration, the guy whips his penis out and shoots sperm all over the woman’s face.

How is any of that “sexy”? The women almost never have any orgasms, the best you’ll see is hard moaning and a reprise of that scene in “when Harry met Sally”. Real orgasms don’t look like that. Often they’re gagging which means there’s snot and mucous dripping from their nose and mouths and, inevitably, they get a face full of sperm.

Okay, I get that porn companies want to produce a product that will appeal to the widest audience possible so that each effort will get the highest number of sales. The problem with this is that they produce something that is generic, misogynistic and more than a little gross. Something that may appeal to a wider audience of fetishists but which doesn’t generally appeal to regular people. There are more regular people than fetishists, that’s part of what makes it a fetish.

I’ve done porn professionally which is to say I’ve gotten paid from my efforts. I’m not overly well endowed. My partner was H., an attractive “girl next door” sort of woman who just happened to be something of an exhibitionist. She also liked being spanked which, it turns out, isn’t actually a fetish at all in her case. We filmed the same scene from many different angles by the simple expedient of setting the camera up, filming a scene, then moving the camera and filming the same scene until we got enough raw footage. H then cut the film together using editing software so we ended up with a professional look and feel to our efforts.

We had a huge fan base almost overnight. Many people bought our short videos and left us great feedback, and do you know why? Because H had many, many orgasms. It turns out that women like porn too they just don’t favor the stuff where other women are being horribly degraded and abused. H and I didn’t do anything weird, well, except the spanking that she obviously enjoyed and which is a surprisingly common fetish. When we had sex the viewer couldn’t actually see any kind of penetration but we were both obviously enjoying ourselves and, because we had different angles and shots to cut between, it looked professional, more so than what the studios were producing because we had reaction shots (shots of our faces) mixed in.

I think that porn is popular because, well because sex is a driving force in humanity, but also because it’s a kind of wish fulfillment. Who doesn’t want to be a fantastic lover? What man doesn’t want to give the woman he’s with multiple orgasms? I think we became popular because we were showing two ordinary people enjoying sex in a fun, playful way and we were absolutely unashamed of what we were doing. Weird positions and unpleasant sexual acts may be what a few, very vocal, fetishists want but the majority of people, I think, just want to feel good doing something that should feel good and maybe watch others doing that too.

There was a study done where men and women were hooked up to a machine to register their sexual response to pornography. They were both shown various items of pornography, straight, gay and bisexual. The men’s responses followed what they had indicated their sexual preference was; gay men preferred gay porn, straight men preferred straight porn and bisexual men preferred bisexual porn. Yes, there is bisexual porn and it is different from the other two choices. Women’s responses were roughly the same regardless of the porn they were watching. In other words women just liked watching people have sex and they didn’t really care about the whole “gay/straight” thing. In further, other words, women like watching people have sex too.

Oh, one last thing; some people like to be spanked because the nerves that send feeling from their gluteal region pass right by, and interact with, the nerves from their pudenda so, for H, getting spanked in just the right way was just like having her clitoris stimulated. Nerves grow differently in different people, not everyone enjoys being spanked. Often spanking enthusiasts are made to feel odd about themselves because the vast majority of spanking porn is more about sadomasochism than the fun, playful thing that they prefer.

I said earlier that an enthusiasm for spanking isn’t a fetish because fetishes come from a psychological or emotional desire not a physical one, for many people being spanked is a physical pleasure because of a slight twitch in their nerve growth. For others it might be a psychological desire so… I’m only half right? In any event, what your partner wants, what will turn them on might seem “kinky” or strange to you at first but, being accepting of them and what turns them on will result in their increased pleasure and yours.


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  1. Oops, I think I just duplicated Mrs. Fever’s post on pornography, unintentionally of course. If you’d like a different perspective on porn, a female perspective, look up Porn-no under her title “Temperature’s Rising” she’s got a great sense of humor.


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