Hello, I’m Satyr. That’s not my real name, of course, but I’ve found that sharing such personal information as is contained in this book can be somewhat detrimental to things like, oh, job interviews, dating, family reunions, you get the gist. Apart from that I’ve discovered that I am much like the satyrs of myth in that I love a good party, I consider sex to be ‘adult play time’ and nymphs are just so very irresistible.

I’ve spent an unusual amount of time learning how to have incredible sex, as a result I’m really good at it. This book is my effort to share what I’ve learned over the years with you. Why? Why not? The world will only benefit from having good sex, nay, great sex, mind-blowing, incredible sex that will alter your perceptions of reality itself!

Okay, maybe not that good, but better than most. In any event I believe that you’re a good person who wants to increase the net number of orgasms in the world and make people you like feel great. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t do my best to help you out?

So, I hope the information contained herein proves useful to you. If it doesn’t, if you find something amiss in one or more of the chapters, please tell me in a comment. While I appreciate your “likes” and following this blog I appreciate, even more, your opinions and feedback. One of the best things about this method of publishing is that I can continue to update and edit the chapters I’ve already written, sometimes even rewriting them completely. I’m not perfect, I don’t know everything even with the incredible volume of research I’m doing to make this manual as useful as it can be, and I make mistakes. Please tell me about them so I can correct them and, together, we can make this guide an amazingly useful tool to help everyone have the amazing sex we should all be having.